The Plugin is installed on your WordPress website. Set ready for its usage.

We will discuss its complete usage in Classic Editor.

I will be using the example of creating a post that has a pros and cons table. Let’s start:

Start by creating a new post, Posts >> Add New:

After adding a new post, you will see a small icon of i2 pros and cons.

Clicking on that icon will display a pop-up having all options for creating a pros and cons table.

Let’s discuss each option one by one.

Pros Icon: Will let you add an icon that you want to use with Pros of the product.

Enter pros: The section where you can write the pros of the product. Just press enter after adding each pros of the product.

The same goes for next two options i.e., cons.

The right-side bar has plenty of options that you can use to play with the pros and cons of Plugin.

Show Main Title: This slider will let you enable or disable the title of your pros and cons plugin. I chose “Advantages and Disadvantages” as an example of table title.

Leave ‘Use Icon in Heading’ setting as it is. We’ll discuss it later.

Pros Title: There is a difference between ‘Show Main Title’ and this option. This option serves as a title of the Pros column. I chose ‘Advantage’ as an example.

Same goes for Cons Title option.

Pros Title Icon: As the name suggests, you can choose an icon for the title of your Pros column.

Note: This icon will appear when setting ‘Use Icon in Heading’ is enabled as Yes.

Little bit confusion? Don’t worry. You will have an illustrated version of it at the end of the article.

Lastly, ‘Show Button’ is an important one. This Button can be used to design the CTA button.