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CTR is an essential factor in increasing your sales. Especially in e-commerce and affiliate marketing. Below are the settings for designing and creating the CTR button, such as Buy Now, Buy on Amazon, and so on.

Style: In simple words, these are modes of Button. Toggle them one by one, and you will see the difference in designs. Attaching the images below so that you can see them in a go:


Will pick the one that was in Global settings.



No Style

Icon: Will open a dropbox containing icons from where you can choose icons depicting the cart.

Text Color: The color of text on Button.

Background Color: Background color for the Button. In case if you want to change the default color.

Hover Color: As the name suggests, this is the color for the hover effect on Button. Hover color enhances UX too. Users love to interact with things. So, design them in a way that benefits your business.

Conclusion #

The main tab out of all is Global. Your entire settings depend upon it. You may have noticed that the color, size setting was throughout the same as it was in Global Tab.