Align Heading Title Text in the center: This checkbox allows you to align the text of the title in the center. To check, scroll up, and see table images, we have used centered align text in the title.

Font Size: Here, you can specify the font size of the heading text.

Pros / Cons Background Color: Let you specify the custom background color for the box of pros/cons.

Use Icon in Heading: This setting will decide the usage of the next four options, i.e., pros icon, cons icon, pros/cons icon color. This checkbox chooses either you want to use the icon in the heading of pros and cons column. Let’s tick it out and see the result:

Saw the difference? Yes, you have two big icons upon the title of the pros and cons column.

The color and icons are same as they were in the options:

Click ‘Save Changes’ when you are done with the settings.

Ain’t you wondering that it’s settings of every individual element of the table we have designed. Let’s buckle up yourself for the last three settings.