Privacy Policy

Data Protection:

The operators of this website take the protection of your data very seriously. ThemesFirst treats your personal data as confidential and in accordance with statutory data protection guidelines and this privacy policy.

If you use this website, various pieces of personal data will be collected. Personal data is any information you could be personally identified with. This privacy policy explains what information we collect and what we use it for.

ThemesFirst does not share customer information with any third-parties and we only store the data that you have permitted for us to use under the regulations of the concerned authorities.

Responsible Party:

The party responsible for processing the data on this website is:

CodeNinja Pvt Ltd.

Revocation of your consent to the processing of your data:

Many data processing operations are only possible with your express consent. You can send an informal e-mail requesting a revocation of the use of your data. However, any data processed before this request may still be legally processed.

Right to file complaints with the regulatory authorities:

If there has been a breach of data, the person may file a complaint with the concerned authorities.

Information, blocking, and deletion:

As permitted by law, you have the right to be provided information anytime free of charge about any of your personal data, where it is stored as well as its origin, the recipient, and the purpose for which it has been processed.

Promotional Emails:

ThemesFirst will not be sharing your data with any third parties and as a result, you will not be subject to third-party promotional emails from our partners or users.

ThemesFirst will send promotional emails regarding any offers for our customers or any changes in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.


Data Collection of the Website


ThemesFirst uses “session cookies” which monitor your session activity on our website and are deleted after every visit. You can change the cookie settings by configuring your browser settings, if you do not wish for ThemesFirst to have session activity data.

Server Log Files

The website server provider automatically collects and logs data that your browser sends to us. This includes:

  • Browser type and version
  • Operating system used
  • Referrer URL
  • Host name of the accessing computer
  • Time of the server request
  • IP address

Contact Form

Should you send us a query via a contact form on our website, we will collect and store the data entered on the form. This will include contact details to answer your question and for any follow-up questions. We do not share this data without your permission.

Registration on this website

Registration on our website will result in use of our additional functions, if any. This data must be provided in full, otherwise we will reject your application.

ThemesFirst will not use this data beyond contacting you and providing you with important updates.

If you decide to terminate a contract with us, we will stop using your information. Statutory periods remain unaffected by this.

Comments on this website

If you make any comments or reviews on our website, we will use the following data, unless asked to be removed by us or removed by yourself:

  • Time the comment was made
  • Name of the user, unless chosen to remain anonymous

Processing of data (customer and contract)

We collect, use and process personal data internally and only to establish or modify legal relationships.

We will not use any of your data after completion of order or termination of the business relationship. Legal retention periods remain unaffected.

Data transmitted when entering into a contract with online shops, retailers, and mail order

We transmit personally identifiable data, if allowed by you, only to the extent of fulfilling your contract to deliver any goods or services that you may have ordered.

Data transferred when signing up for digital services and content

We transmit personally identifiable data, if allowed by you, to third parties only to the extent of fulfilling the terms of your contract with us e.g., processing of bank payments.

Analytics and Advertising

Google Analytics:

This website uses Google Analytics as a service. The “cookies” used by Google are files stored on your computer that allow an analysis of our website by you. Information and data collected from these cookies are sent to an online server and stored in the USA.

Google Remarketing:

The purpose of Google Remarketing is to enable interest-relevant advertising and allows ThemesFirst to run ads on the Google network or other websites which are relevant to us based on the customer needs.

Google AdWords:

AdWords allows the advertiser to run ads on the Google advertising network and in the Google search engine results. This allows the advertiser to pre-define specific keywords according to which an ad will be run on the relevant platforms.

The purpose of using AdWords is to promote our website, products and services by including relevant advertising on third party websites, Google search engine results and insertion of third-party ads on our website.

Refund Policy

ThemesFirst offers a 30-day cashback guarantee if you do not wish to use our services any further.

ThemesFirst does not have a trial period but should any customer choose to not use our services, we will offer them a full refund, if they decide not to use our services within a 30-day period.

This, however, does not include transactional or service fees that may be charged by the payment processor and ThemesFirst will not be liable to pay these fees on behalf of the customer.

Changes to the privacy policy

ThemesFirst reserves the right to make any changes to the privacy policy in order to adapt it to legal situations, or to changes in the service and data processing. This only applies to declarations of data processing. If user consent is required, then the changes will only be made with the consent of the user.

All ThemesFirst users and customers are requested to keep themselves updated with any changes to and all aspects of the privacy policy.